[{id=13139051, nodeStat=644, descInfo=杂项, isPay=1, isHaveRight=1, isNew=1, isStop=0, name= 2014-2019年科思创公司(Covestro)研发支出, objId=1858296, type=0, name_id=147963, is_end=1}, {id=13139052, nodeStat=644, descInfo=杂项, isPay=1, isHaveRight=1, isNew=1, isStop=0, name=2014-2018年科思创公司(Covestro)基本每股收益, objId=1858297, type=0, name_id=147965, is_end=1}, {id=13139053, nodeStat=516, descInfo=杂项, isPay=1, isHaveRight=1, isNew=1, isStop=0, name= 2014-2019年科思创公司(Covestro)员工人数量, objId=1858298, type=0, name_id=147967, is_end=1}]
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化工与原料 化学工业 科思创公司(Covestro) 2005-2019年科思创公司(Covestro) 温室气体排放

2005-2019年科思创公司(Covestro) 温室气体排放

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  • 2019-08-12
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  • * Total greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2, GHG Protocol) at the main production sites, which are responsible for more than 95 percent of Covestro's energy consumption (total of 5.78 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents in 2017) divided by the in-spec production volume. ** Figure was restated in the 2018 edition of the report. Covestro is a spinout that was formed in autumn 2015. It was formerly the materials science division of Bayer, known as Bayer MaterialScience.