[{id=13631060, nodeStat=512, descInfo=对内和对外并购活动, isPay=1, isNew=1, isStop=0, name=2019年上半年欧洲跨境并购交易增加的预期看法, objId=1845728, type=0, name_id=457157, is_end=1}]
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金融与房地产 金融市场 欧洲并购 2019年上半年欧洲交易额最大的并购交易


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  • 百万欧元
  • 2019-07-02
  • Acuris Global; CMS Cameron McKenna
  • Senior executives from 170 corporates and 60 PE firms based in Europe
  • The source adds the following information: "The research extends across all European geographies and a number of important market segments and takes into account the view of CEOs, finance directors, bankers, M&A heads, private equity players and sector specialists. The publication is based on forward-looking research on the prospects for M&A over the next 12 months".
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